20 Reasons Why UK Private Renters Are Getting A Seriously Bad Deal

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Ahead of the General Election 2015, HuffPost UK is focusing on the 11 million people who are now trapped in private renting, with no hope of buying a home.

Some face soaring rents, unstable tenancies, poor quality housing and a financially bleak future, without the dependable security of owning a property. The lack of council housing is forcing many people who would have been housed by the state into private renting, where they put more strain on a market that is growing exponentially.

Rent caps proposed by Labour have been welcomed by some, but others have slammed the idea, saying it would push up the price of renting and deter investors from the sector. Shelter's Martha Mackenzie argues that Labour's proposals are not rent caps at all, but rather rent controls, but by packaging them as 'caps' the party has created controversy where private renters deserve a meaningful debate.

The problems cannot simply be solved by one policy, or by sweeping pre-election promises to restore"the dream of homeownership". These 20 facts confirm that for life to improve for private renters, a serious, long-term political overhaul needs to be considered.

20 shocking facts about private renting

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