Housing Crisis

The intentions might be noble, but there's something rather glaring about the campaign.
His predecessor Simon Clarke called the move "anti-business".
"Yet again we find a government that is all spin and no substance," Labour MP Mike Amesbury said.
Gove and Sunak forced into climbdown after scores of Conservative MPs were poised to vote against planning reform.
It all depends on when you might have signed a mortgage deal.
The whole renting game might be about to change – but furry things first.
Prime minister tries to reassert his authority by talking about bananas and olive oil, while making some dubious claims about housing.
Families and councils across London are begging for help as the number of children in makeshift homes soars by 65 per cent in a decade.
The government has extended the eviction ban, but the London Renters Union says it hasn't stopped people being thrown out of their homes.