David Cameron Makes A Joke About Having Sex With His Wife

David Cameron used his speech to the Conservative Party conference to make a joke about having sex with his wife Samantha. And taxes.

In an attack on Labour's economic policies, the prime minister targeted Jeremy Corbyn's economic adviser Richard Murphy.

"We live in a country where the main opposition party – let’s not forget, the alternative government – believes in nationalising industries without compensation, jacking up taxes to 60 per cent of people’s income, and printing money," he said.

"There’s an academic called Richard Murphy. He’s the Labour Party’s new economics guru, and the man behind their plan to print more money.

"He gave an interview a few weeks ago. He was very frank. He admitted that Labour’s plan would cause a 'sterling crisis', but to be fair he did add, and I quote, that it 'would pass very quickly'.

Cameron added: "His book is actually called 'The Joy of Tax'. I’ve read it. I took it home to show Samantha. It’s got 64 positions. And none of them work."

David Cameron stands onstage with wife Samantha following his keynote speech to delegates.

While everyone was recovering from that. Cameron dropped in another off-script sex joke about rugby. "I was a hooker," he told activists. "And by the way that is a factual statement not a chapter of Michael Ashcroft’s book."

Commentators on Twitter watching the speech were surprised and horrified in equal measure.

David Cameron Addresses The 2015 Conservative Party Autumn Conference

David Cameron Addresses The 2015 Conservative Party Conference

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