Jamie Raines Transgender Transition Selfies Show Remarkable Changes Over Three Years

A student has been taking selfies every day for the last three years during his transition from female to male.

Jamie Raines began taking testosterone at 18, in January 2012.

The hormone helps those transitioning become more masculine in appearance and vocally. "I initially intended to (take pictures) for the first year, but then I didn't get any facial hair in my first year," Jamie told BuzzFeed UK.

But he persevered with his project and now has dozens of images chronicling his journey.

Jamie Raines Transition

Jamie has a successful YouTube channel documenting his journey, providing support to young people -- and indeed anyone -- for whom transitioning is a prospect.

Jamie and Shaaba were best mates before his transition and have now been together for over three years.

And now Jamie is set to appear in a fascinating new series as part of Channel 4's Born In The Wrong Body project.

If you're a fan of positive LGBT news - and who isn't? - then this is a great time to remind ourselves of a story that surfaced last week.

Gabrielle Diana Gladu, 16, from Ontario, who defines herself as a "transgender activist" on Twitter, had been patiently waiting to hear back about her legal name change for months.

Her mum, Rose Gladu, found out the change had gone through before Gabrielle and she decided to throw a gathering with family and friends and reveal the exciting news on a chocolate cake.

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