Perfume Adverts Made Better With Bacon

Are you of the ilk that thinks everything is better with bacon? If it's an option on the side, you're ordering it. If it's a post on Instagram, you're liking it...

Then these are definitely the photos for you.

Some sort of bacon-mad Photoshop genius has made some classic perfume ads a whole lot crispier with the addition of, you guessed it, bacon.

A photo posted by @youdidnoteatthat on

In one of the snaps, Cara Delevingne's bottle of Tom Ford Black Orchid has been replaced by a fistful of streaky rashers (we wonder if this version would receive as many complaints?).

Another shows a baconified version of the Gucci Guilty for Him advert.

A photo posted by @youdidnoteatthat on

"Made for the man who knows what he wants. Bacon."

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