Perfume Adverts Made Better With Bacon

Perfume Adverts Made Better With Bacon

Are you of the ilk that thinks everything is better with bacon? If it's an option on the side, you're ordering it. If it's a post on Instagram, you're liking it...

Then these are definitely the photos for you.

Some sort of bacon-mad Photoshop genius has made some classic perfume ads a whole lot crispier with the addition of, you guessed it, bacon.

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In one of the snaps, Cara Delevingne's bottle of Tom Ford Black Orchid has been replaced by a fistful of streaky rashers (we wonder if this version would receive as many complaints?).

Another shows a baconified version of the Gucci Guilty for Him advert.

A photo posted by @youdidnoteatthat on

"Made for the man who knows what he wants. Bacon."

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