12/10/2015 09:19 BST | Updated 12/10/2015 09:59 BST

Non-Binary Fashion: Alok Vaid-Menon On Why You Don't Need To Be A Boy Or A Girl

When you don't identify as exclusively masculine or feminine, what is it really like getting dressed in the morning?

That's what Alok Vaid-Menon, a non-binary transfemme performance artist, writer, and activist from New York, explores in a new video by Refinery29.

Vaid-Menon hopes to challenge the gender binary within fashion, stating: "I have to fight like hell to be feminine."

non binary fashion

For many people in the trans community, a simple outfit choice could change whether they encounter violence and harassment that day.

"The minute I wear lipstick, or the minute I put on earrings, or the minute I’m wearing a skirt, my entire reality shifts," Vaid-Menon explains.

Watch the video in full above.


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