America's Gun Laws: Toddlers With Weapons Are Shooting One Person A Week

At least one toddler under the age of 4 has been responsible for shooting someone at a rate of once a week so far this year in America.

Some 43 incidents involving toddlers using firearms have been reported so far in 2015.

At least 13 of these have seen children inadvertently kill themselves after getting their hands on a gun.

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A further 18 injured themselves, while 10 injured other people.

At least two killed others after firing a weapon.

Remarkably, one case involved a 21-month-old child who killed himself after finding a loaded handgun at home.

In that case, the child fired the handgun into his torso area resulting in fatal wounds. His mother took him to the local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Some 40 of the 43 cases involved male toddlers, three involved females.

And while the list is relatively diverse geographically, many of the states with most occurrences of shootings are in southern and mid-western states.

Missouri had five incidents, while South Carolina and North Carolina had three apiece.

The law around the secure storage of weapons in America remains inconsistent, with most states lacking specific restrictions.

There is *some* Federal guidance...

Storing Weapons Securely In America

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