McDonalds' Grey 'Modern China Burger' Is Latest Release In A Long Line Of Weird Foods

McDonalds has unleashed a burger of concrete colour, in what appears to be the next big publicity stunt for the fast-food chain.

The "Modern China Burger" strays from the average patty and is served in a traditionally Chinese mantou-steamed bun. Its fillings: a pork burger, bacon, lettuce and a Sichaun-Thousand island dressing.

And if that's not got your mouth watering... wait until you feast your eyes on it:

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McDonalds China have released a grey burger

Many have been skeptical of the grey-ish coloured bun and when it was taste-tested by Time Out Beijing, they dubbed it a “vaguely offensive attempt to attract a new class of Chinese fast-food goers.”

Just one item in a long-line of weird foods, coloured burger buns have become popular in recent months as fast food restaurants try to set themselves apart from competition.

Rival chain Burger King released a Halloween burger earlier this month, but provided a serious fright for customers, who complained that it's turned their poo a ghoulish green.

It's not clear what unprecedented consequences lie ahead for the eaters of the grey burger, if not just pure satisfaction.

Although despite the excitement of the new looking bun, some are suggesting it could be a sign that McDonalds is trying to re-energise sales after facing a 9% decrease in profits compared to last year.

In July the Guardian noted that the company had already shaken up its all-day breakfast menu, allowed customers to build their own burgers, launched a customer complaint app in Japan, said it will stop selling chicken raised with antibiotics and announced an effort to help end deforestation.