The Spectator Front Cover Claimed 'Feminism Is Dead' And Twitter Reacted Explosively

The Spectator has proclaimed that “the end of feminism” is here - and, to no one’s surprise, the reaction has been explosive.

The magazine’s front cover claims that writer Emily Hall has pronounced that “the battle’s won…it’s time to move on”.

It was accompanied by a cartoon of a suffragette looking disapprovingly at a screaming woman who has daubed her “votes for women” sign with the words “all men are scum!”.

Predictably, the front page prompted irritation among many, including Scottish Labour Party leader Kezia Dugdale, despite the very important fact that the actual article was not yet available…

Then there were those who didn’t see any problem…

You can make up your own mind once the full article goes live on the Spectator website on Wednesday night.

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