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ConservativeHome's Paul Goodman and The Spectator's Katy Balls speak with Paul Waugh and Arj Singh about the Tory leader candidates. Can Jeremy Hunt beat Boris Johnson? ConservativeHome's Paul Goodman and The Spectator's Katy Balls join Paul and Arj to talk through the final two candidates in the Tory selection process for their new leader. While Boris Johnson remains schtum, Jeremy Hunt opens the debate on fox hunting, a debate no one was asking for.
"Your smears and lies about me are not going to be dealt with tonight."
This week’s Spectator asks ‘Does aid do more harm than good?’ But there is absolutely no doubt in my mind
The short-lived appointment of Toby Young to a board in the Office of Students was an interesting scandal to open 2018. It
Since our digital Pandora's Box has democratised comment by empowering an occasionally ugly free-for-all, the opinions of the masses don't count as much because they lack brainy ballast, according to some. This is particularly so when it comes to what does and doesn't cause offence.
Journalist Rod Liddle has drawn condemnation from Stonewall for a column telling gay men that using poppers to make sex more
The front cover of The Spectator magazine controversially announces that feminism is dead, just as the F-word is enjoying a renaissance of sorts.
The Spectator has proclaimed that “the end of feminism” is here - and, to no one’s surprise, the reaction has been explosive