Michael J. Fox And Christopher Lloyd As Marty McFly And Doc Brown Join 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' For Back To The Future Day

Marty McFly and Doc Brown Showed Up On Jimmy Kimmel's Show And It Was An Explosion Of Nostalgia

In honour of Back To The Future Day, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd showed up on Jimmy Kimmel's talk showin full BTTF costume and drove onto the stage in a kitted out Delorean. It was basically one big nostalgia explosion.

This time Doc and Marty arrived to a dystopian future they never imagined, where people carry around supercomputers in their pockets and only use them to look at funny videos on the toilet.

Oh, and Huey Lewis was there too.

Later in the show, Michael J. Fox got back into his normal clothes, with one very special addition, and had a play around with the Marty McFly action figure.

We really want a pair of those self-lacing trainers.


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