Michael J. Fox

The Doc Brown actor shared a photo with Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson and Thomas F. Wilson, asking: “Can we get 88k likes? The past says so…”
The actor said DiCaprio’s role in a popular Quentin Tarantino film reminded him of his own real-life struggles.
The Back To The Future star said he experiences falls frequently because his condition makes it hard for him to have balance.
The actor earned an honorary Oscar on Saturday for his philanthropic work and took to the podium to thank his Hollywood peers for their "remarkable" support.
This week, the Grammy nominations were announced, Beverley Callard is quickly becoming a national treasure, The Mandalorian had their “coffee cup” moment and we have a Bake Off winner.
The actor said that Trump – who served as inspiration for Back To The Future antagonist Biff Tannen – has preyed upon "every worst instinct in mankind".
The crew had quite literally put their faith and lives in my shaky hands - was this wise? Of course it was, they don’t call me Practical Parky for nothing