Fish And Chips Diplomacy: World Leaders Dining Out On Visits To Britain And Ireland As President Xi Gets A Pint

David Cameron: I'll have what Xi's having
David Cameron: I'll have what Xi's having

Chinese President Xi Jinping was reportedly "desperate" to sample Britain's most famous dish during his state visit to the UK. Today he got his wish - and a pint.

The premier of the Asian super-power was pictured tucking into his desired fish and chips (mushy peas to be confirmed) at The Plough near Chequers, Buckinghamshire.

He isn't the first world leader to have enjoyed a slap-up feed in the best and/or most humble of Britain and Ireland's restaurants and boozers.

Here are some of the biggest political names with the biggest appetites.

"And a packet of dry-roasted nuts ..."

World Leaders Eat Out In Britain And Ireland

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