Xi Jinping

Both Russia and China have been accused of interfering in other countries themselves.
Xi Jinping's officials claim the president talked his Russian counterpart out of such escalation.
John Bolton doesn't hold back in latest criticism of the former president.
The Republican Accountability Project taunts Trump for praising autocrats.
"Tells you all you need to know," Democratic Rep. Brendan Boyle responded on Twitter.
The "dear friends" claim their partnership has "no limits".
Chinese authorities told the BBC that the journalist was detained to protect him from getting Covid.
Canadian PM received a firm telling off from the Chinese president at the G20 talks over "media leaks".
Western leaders have been keen to get back on cordial terms with President Xi Jinping.
For months, the president applauded China’s coronavirus response before he and his reelection team flipped to blaming that country.