Frankie Boyle Describes Syrian Airstrikes As 'Plan To Kill For A Peaceful Solution'


Frankie Boyle has described the British government's moves toward commencing airstrikes in Syria as a plan "to kill its way to a peaceful solution".

The controversial comedian and rising political commentator, has used his latest column in Comment Is Free for the Guardian to compare radicalised teenagers fleeing Britain to join Isis with the government's apparent desire to begin military intervention in Syria.

"If their desire to go to Syria is deluded, how is our government’s any less so?" he wrote.

He places the increasing support for intrusion into the country's civil war in the context of Britain's reluctance to take in Syrian refugees.

"Britain is so concerned about refugees that it will do anything – except take in refugees – to try to kill its way to a peaceful solution," he wrote.

"Why is war more palatable than more refugees? Why is the destruction of lives you can’t see easier to live with than someone on your bus making a phone call in a language you don’t understand?"

Russia intervened in the conflict last month in an effort to support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from increased incursion and threats from opposition forces.

Boyle also contrasts the reporting of weapons technology with the mistaken attack upon a Médecins Sans Frontières hospital in Afghanistan by the United States.

"We have technology so precise our weapons can hear their victims begging for a trial, and that we sometimes blow up stuff 'accidentally'," he wrote.

Using an evolving metaphor of addiction, Boyle describes the difficult process of weaning the country off the belief that bombing may solve Syria's problems.

But with the situation becoming more complex since Russia's intervention, it appears that countries with the capability to get involved in airstrikes are making moves towards doing so.

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