Fox News' All-Male Panel Offers Verdict On Whether Women Should Wear Leggings

Fox News: the font of all female fashion-related knowledge. Naaaht.

An all-male panel on Fox News' 'Fox Friends' segment gave a rather sexist performance while offering up their verdict on whether women should wear leggings.

After the video was shared thousands of times, Fox News took it upon themselves to enlist the help of three men to decide whether it's okay for the women in their lives to wear leggings.

There are no words.

When asked if he was "comfortable" with the women in his life "parading" about in leggings, Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson explained that his daughters wear longer shirts to "cover up their lady parts".

Host Steve Doocy then moves on to ask the other two chaps on the panel the same question.

Arthur Aidala, Fox News' legal analyst, says that they have a household rule that if it's "not worn in the monastery, it's not worn out on the street".

But it gets worse, because three women wearing leggings are then called out from backstage to model the item of clothing in different ways, so the male panel can give their final verdict.

Aidala even tells the last model that she's "earned" the right to wear it, by having a great physique.

Amy Richards, a feminist writer for Soap Box Inc, said to HuffPost UK Lifestyle that it's "wrong for men to assume they have authority over women's fashion choices".

"As my great friend Gloria Steinem points out: shit equally divided is better than shit equally divided," she says.

"Imagine a panel of women asked to judge whether toupees are real hair?"

Writer, activist and feminist Louise Pennington told HuffPost UK Lifestyle that she isn't surprised by the latest antics from the "deeply sexist organisation".

"I'm not surprised they have spent time policing women's bodies," she says. "It's what they do on a daily basis with their coverage of women - from celebrities to those engaged in criminal behaviour.

"The problem is not just Fox News, it's emblematic of a wider problem within our culture - women's bodies are classed as public property and shamed from any deviation of the construction of 'good women'."

She adds: "We need to stop consuming these types of media."

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