Judge Tells Young Offender He Would Be 'Raped Every Day' If She Sent Him To Prison

'You Will Be Raped Every Day In Prison' Judge Tells Burglar

A judge has told a young offender that he was only escaping a prison sentence because he would “probably be raped every day”.

Isaiah Gay was hauled up in front of Bernalillo County District Court for burglary, facing 15 years in jail.

News outlet KOB 4 reported that he admitted that he committed the crimes because he was “impulsive”, adding: “I was just being young and dumb.”

Gay escaped prison by the skin of his teeth - but New Mexico judge Christina Argyres gave him her rather extreme reasoning behind the decision.

She said: “Do you know what would happen…to a young a dumb person in prison? Do you have any idea what would happen to you?

“You would probably be raped every day, for one. And I hate to sound like that, you know – rude, but that’s exactly what would happen to you.”

Addressing the state, she added: “Again, he’s going to be somebody’s – I hate to use the word ‘bitch,’ but that’s exactly what he’s going to be…so I am willing to put him on probation.”

He was handed a five-year probation term, but the judge sent him packing with a stern warning.

She said: “I’m willing to give you a chance. You blow it, it’s on you, not me. Fair enough?”

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