Daily Mail Prints 'Spectacularly Racist' Mac Cartoon In Tom Jones Race Heritage Jibe

A "vile" cartoon published in today's Daily Mail has sparked outrage, amid accusations that the drawing looked as though it should have been published in Britain's bygone racist era.

The 'Mac' image, which also appears on the paper's website, references news that singer Tom Jones will undergo tests in a bid to discover whether he has black ancestry.

It depicts two white colonial-type explorers, one reading a newspaper with the headline "'Am I black?' asks Tom Jones", another approaching two black tribesmen with a test-tube, clutching a briefcase adorned with the words "DNA tests".

Tuesday's cartoon caption reads: "The DNA matches - now just one more test... can you sing Delilah?", a song by Jones that became the sixth best-selling British single in 1968.

Twitter users piled in to rebuke the newspaper for publishing Tuesday's picture.

The Daily Mail has been contacted for comment but did not respond by the time this story went live.

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