#GrantsNotDebts: Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell Rouses Student Protesters At London March

Thousands Of Student Protesters Are Marching On Westminster For #GrantsNotDebts

Thousands of students are marching to Westminster to protest against the government "waging war" against young people and the working classes, in a demonstration which won the backing of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell addressed the crowds before the start of the lunchtime march, urging students to "make sure the Tories know we are not going to stand for this anymore", the London Student reported.

In a rousing speech, the shadow chancellor told the assembled students: "Education is a gift from one generation to another, not a commodity to be bought and sold.

"For generations now one generation has handed the baton onto the next, and it's our job to ensure the next generation has a better quality of life than the last."

He continued: "This government is betraying you and future generations and I'm here in solidarity for education. Let me say this: your voice needs to be heard.

"This will be a peaceful demonstration, and safe, but make sure the Tories know that we are not going to stand for this any more.

"Education is a basic human right not something to be bought and sold. This generation will teach the Tories that we will not stand by and let them destroy our futures. Solidarity, solidarity."

It is unclear as to whether Corbyn himself will speak at the march, although had offered his support to the demonstration's organisers the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) group.

Jeremy Corbyn pictured with NCAFC member Deborah Hermanns

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has made an appearance at the demonstration, marching alongside members from the Young Greens.

The Metropolitan Police force tweeted a map of the march's route, warning the public to "avoid the area".

Around 3,000 to 5,000 students are expected at the demonstration, which started on Malet Street outside Birbeck University, and progressed through central London.


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