BBC's 'PMQs Subtitles' Of Jeremy Corbyn Being Drowned Out By 'Posh Booing Noises' Is Fake, Says Broadcaster

No, The BBC Wasn't Behind This 'Posh Booing' Subtitle

The BBC has been forced to clarify that a photo of Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs subtitled "posh booing noises in the background" is a fake.

The jeering Corbyn received from Tory politicians at PMQs on Wednesday sparked fierce criticism online, with people calling it "sickening" and disrespectful.

Following the PMQ session, a picture started doing the rounds on social media, which appeared to show BBC subtitles echoing many people's thoughts, with many congratulating the "brilliant" work.

But the broadcaster later established that the subtitles were not its doing.

As some pointed out, however, the BBC does have previous form.

And others decided to mock up their own version of events.

The image was actually the work of Aaron Gillies, who tweeted it from his account, @TechnicallyRon.

Corbyn faced Cameron at PMQs on Wednesday where he faced jeers from the Government benches when he asked the Prime Minister about the impact of tax credit changes.

During the exchange, the Labour leader remind the Prime Minister that the parliamentary process was not “about entertainment”.

He also had to try three times to pay tribute to Britain’s fallen soldiers ahead of this weekend’s Remembrance Day commemorations because of noise from the Tories.


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