John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015: Buy 'Man On The Moon' Products Including Pyjamas, Pillows And Telescopes

You Can Buy John Lewis Christmas Ad Products For Kids (And They're Actually Affordable)

John Lewis' 'man on the moon' Christmas advert landed today and the retailer has made sure excitement lasts beyond those two minutes.

You can now buy a range of Christmas-advert related products, with everything from man on the moon onesies to telescopes, jigsaw puzzles and pyjamas.

If you haven't managed to catch it, the advert tells the story of a young called Lily who looks at the moon through her family telescope.

One night she's amazed to find an old man on the moon, and makes it her quest to get him a telescope so he can wave to her.

We've included a selection of the products below. Other products in the range include the essentials: wrapping paper, gift bags, gift tags, Christmas cards and more. Enjoy!

AstroMaster Telescope

John Lewis 'Man On The Moon' Products

John Lewis Christmas Advertising Campaign Launches