James O'Brien Praises Normandy Veteran As 'Possibly The Most Impressive Person' He's Ever Had On LBC Show


LBC’s James O’Brien has praised one of the last surviving men involved in the Normandy landings as “possibly the most impressive person I've spoken to on this programme".

A 90-year-old veteran named Mervyn told O’Brien about his experiences of the landings three days after D-Day.

He explained how they were told to get as much sleep as possible during the 14-hour crossing to France because they didn’t know when they would get the chance to rest again.

Mervyn said: “The Navy woke us up at about five in the morning and we could see the French outline. It was just dawn. You could see ships and boats and little craft close to us, like on a pond in a park as far as you could see.

“Then you began to pray and just hope you would get through it.”

Listen to the interview below…

After racing up the beach, the men were received by villagers who cheered them and offered flowers and drinks - although they were warned not to take the drinks in case they were poisoned.

Mervyn added that they were offered kisses, which they were certainly glad to accept.

Later the former serviceman’s wife, Betty, chimed in to prompt him to tell listeners about an upcoming honour he was to receive.

A little reluctantly, Mervyn told O’Brien he was set to be awarded the Legion D'Honneur from the French Embassy, one of the top medals a soldier can receive.

An admiring O’Brien told the veteran: "You Sir, are possibly the most impressive person I've spoken to on this programme."

He added that Mervyn had “done us an astonishing privilege today by sharing your story”.

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