This Lipstick Make-Up Tutorial Will Save You Precious Time

When time is of the essence, perfect lips can be the last thing on your mind.

But now, thanks to a new tutorial from Pose, you can get your lips looking fabulous in just three minutes.

All you need to do is follow these easy steps...

Step one:

All you will need to begin is a travel toothbrush, the one used in this picture is from MUJI (£1.75).

Use the bristles to brush over your lips to make sure that they are smooth and free from dead skin.

Step two:

Next you will need a primer, the one displayed here is a Mac prep & prime (£13.50). To prime your lips simply apply the product to them.

This step will ensure that your luscious make-up stays on and looks just as good throughout the day.

Step three:

Next up is the concealer and for this a TopShop concealer palette (£12.00) was used.

Use a brush to apply the foundation over your lips, softly smoothing the edges with the product.

Step four:

Step four consists of the ever-so-easy colourstray lipliner, the one pictured from Rouge (£6.29).

To apply the liner, simply start with the cupids bow in your lips and then follow around the line of your mouth until all edges are defined.

Step five:

Finally, the last step is to apply the main colour. The model here is wearing a Mac, brave red lipstick (£15.50).

All you need to do is use the stick to fill in the gaps left on your mouth, leaving you with a vibrant and intense pout.

Probably the best thing about this trick is that if you make a mistake, all you need to do is tidy up and carry on.