19/11/2015 10:55 GMT | Updated 19/11/2015 11:59 GMT

David Cameron's New Plane Receives Name Suggestions From Twitter

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
File photo dated 24/06/10 of Prime Minister David Cameron boarding a plane bound for Canada, as Mr Cameron and other senior ministers are to get a dedicated aircraft to take them on official visits around the world.

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he and his senior ministers will be getting their very own private plane at a cost of £10million.

The concept has been likened to a budget version of the US president's plane, Air Force One.

Needless to say, Twitter jumped at the chance to name the new plane, since the taxpayer is covering the cost.

Announced just before a round of public spending cuts, Dave's new Voyager A330 aircraft will be taken from the Royal Air Force's existing air-to-air refuelling fleet and repurposed for government use at a cost of £10m.

According to Reuters, 'repurposed' means it'll be repainted, stripped of its tanker duties and have an all-new interior with secure satellite communications systems and an increase in the number of business class seats on board.

Acknowledging the irony of purchasing a private plane while carrying out huge spending cuts, a spokesperson for the government said the move would actually save nearly £775,000 every year on chartered flights.