Police Launch Hate Crime Inquiry After EDL Supporter 'Pushes Dog Faeces Into Muslim Neighbour's Letterbox'

EDL Supporter 'Boasted' Of Putting Dog Faeces In Muslim Neighbour's Letterbox

Essex police hate crime officers are investigating after an English Defence League supporter bragged on Facebook that she had put a "jiffy envelope filled with dog shit" through her Muslim neighbour's letterbox.

Karen Hastie posted on Facebook last Friday - the same night that Islamic State fanatics went on a bombing and shooting spree in Paris killing 129, and injuring 350 - that she had just delivered the foul package.

She wrote: "I just delivered someones karma. Mrs muz rat bitch face from yesterday has just got a jiffy envelope filled with dog shit through the bitches letterbox. I wish I could be (sic) fly on the wall. Imagine opening a package filled with shit. Happy days for sure."

Karen Hastie's first Facebook post which led to complaints being made to Essex police

Friends of Hastie applauded the move. Rob Britton even had a suggestion on how she could make the gesture more offensive, writing: "Shudda (sic) wrapped it in bacon."

Hastie liked that idea, and as it turned out she had some in her fridge. Britton continued with advice, saying that her dog Hunter would probably have another "turd brewing for the morning".

Hastie replied in the affirmative and said her neighbour would get another delivery soon. She ended the exchange by outlining her perfect outcome: "I Hope she put her hands in it when she opened the envelope."

In a subsequent status update Hastie wrote: "Karma again tonight she's getting shit bacon sandwich through (sic) letter box tonight. I felt like fucking punching bitch in the face, dirty scummy muslim."

But after her posts got shared across social media it seems Hastie is in for some karma of her own.

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