Adil Waraich, De Montfort's Students' Union President, Suspended For 'Challenging David Cameron's LGBT Record'

The president of a students' union has been suspended from his position and banned from campus after he challenged David Cameron's record on LGBT equality, it has been claimed.

Adil Waraich, student president of De Montfort University in Leicester, organised a campaign with fellow students after his university awarded the prime minister with its highest honour for overseeing the Same Sex Marriage Act.

Waraich was handed a letter by the students' union trustees, and told the suspension was not only due to the protest, but also over concerns about his attendance at senior management meetings and two prank videos uploaded privately online.

After Cameron was given the 'Companionship' award by the university, Waraich started a petition to get Cameron stripped of the award, and uploaded a video - which labels the university's decision a "hypocrisy".

A statement from the the students' union, published on its website, read: "An investigation is currently underway regarding the conduct of De Montfort Students' Union President, Adil Waraich.

"To adhere with the Students' Union's policies and procedures, Adil has been suspended from his Presidential duties with immediate effect, whilst a full investigation is carried out.

"De Montfort University takes all allegations of misconduct seriously and the matter will be investigated thoroughly, to maintain the integrity of the organisation and to uphold the role of Students' Union President.

"Whilst Adil, who is currently serving in his second term as President of the Students' Union is suspended, the other executive officers are taking on the role and responsibilities to ensure the Students' Union continues to function as normal.

"It would be inappropriate to comment any further until the investigation is complete."

Grace Elliot, a second-year sociology student at De Montfort, told BuzzFeed: "When we found out who was to receive the award and why I was shocked to say the least.

David Cameron did not protest, petition, or campaign – he merely advocated a basic right. In my opinion, that doesn’t deserve an award."

A spokesperson for DMU told Leicester Mercury: "The university is aware that the De Montfort Students' Union is conducting an investigation. It would be inappropriate to comment whilst this investigation continues."

Waraich has been contacted for comment but has yet to respond.