De Montfort University

The UK economy has been badly hit by the coronavirus epidemic and is predicted to contract by 11.5% by the end of the year. With many businesses closing down and the furlough scheme ending in October, unemployment is expected to soar to record highs. Here we speak with Edward Cartwright, professor of economics at De Montfort University about the future prospects for workers in the UK and hear from Ryan Ward who was recently let go from his job in Glasgow despite being on the furlough scheme.
I hope that in being made our chancellor, Baroness Lawrence can enjoy helping out and getting involved, righting the wrong which took place in 1993, inspiring hundreds of students to live the lives they want to, and showing that one voice can make great changes.
The president of a students' union has been suspended from his position and banned from campus after he challenged David
Employers should be looking to Barclay Street, Leicester, for their future recruits, where 11 students received first class
Sometimes it appears as if political comedy has disappeared, at least with regard to 'high' politics. Interest in politics - especially that involving Westminster - has diminished significantly.
A talented university student has won a competition with famous lingerie brand Lepel and could soon see her designs sold
Supermarket giant Asda is launching a three-year degree course in distribution or retail for 30 of its staff. The scheme
A university spent nearly £22,000 organising a charity flashmob dance which only raised £5,000 in donations, it has emerged
When I started as a 28 year old freshman, I knew that I wasn't going to be living the life of a stereotypical student. I also knew that despite a ten years' experience of living in the 'real world', I was still terrified of public speaking.
Fast food giant KFC have launched a degree in partnership with a UK university to train its restaurant general managers. The