Abby Tomlinson Tells Pro-Jeremy Corbyn Twitter Trolls To 'Piss Off' After Writing About Oldham Campaign

Milifandom's Abby Tomlinson Shuts Down Pro-Corbyn Twitter Trolls With Epic Rant

The teenager who rose to fame by starting the Milifandom movement has told pro-Jeremy Corbyn trolls to "piss off" for attacking her after she revealed voters in Oldham do not like the Labour leader.

Abby Tomlinson, 17, has been campaigning for Labour in Oldham ahead of the by-election later this week, where the party face a threat from Ukip seeking to take the seat that is usually solidly Labour.

Ukip has emphasised Corbyn himself in their campaigning. Its candidate John Bickley told HuffPost UK Corbyn was "a clear and present danger" to British security for his ambivalence about the killing of 'Jihadi John' and comments after the Paris attacks.

Tomlinson tweeted her experiences of canvassing there for and how some people there were people who used to vote Labour but would not because of Corbyn, adding she had "a lot of doors" slammed in her face.

She was attacked by pro-Corbyn trolls, who called her "immature, a "12-year-old aspiring Spad". One asked if the Blairite MP Tristram Hunt had "worked his magic" on her.

Another person told her Ed Miliband, the left-wing leader Tomlinson rose to prominence for supporting, was a "One Nation Tory".

On Monday, Tomlinson hit out, saying it was "bloody ridiculous" that she was being "patronised and had a go at" by fellow Labour supporters simply for reporting what she witnessed.

In an argument with one person, she joked she loved "this new kinder politics" promoted by Corbyn backers, saying it seemed to be "where we

Labour MP Jess Phillips tweeted for people attacking Tomlinson to "pack it in".

Former Conservative MP Louise Mensch was less supportive, saying other Labour Party supporters were only "disagreeing" with Tomlinson and calling her a "snowflake".

Tomlinson tweeted back: "Missed you xxx". The two have previously had a Twitter spat after Mensch accused her of claiming to have founded the pro-Miliband Milifandom when this was not true.

Tomlinson said she never claimed to be the first to have used it as a hashtag but said she had turned it into a "movement".

The Oldham by-election takes place on Thursday. Labour's candidate is local council leader Jim McMahon, who has said he does not agree with Corbyn's pacifism.

Speaking last week, he told HuffPost UK: “In an ideal world none of us would want to see human beings killed in a conflict, but we are not in an ideal world.

“People have to step forward to safeguard our liberties and our freedoms and when people have paid the ultimate sacrifice the least they should be able to expect of us is that their memory is respected. And that we pass it on to future generations."


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