Dr Zahid Chauhan faced abuse for offering the jab to homeless people – but he's now been backed up by the authorities.
Healthcare workers have already suffered a "year of hell", one staff nurse says, as unions warn of industrial action.
"If they wanted  to set up something to defeat the objectives it was meant to deliver, Universal Credit couldn’t have done a better job," says the chair of a housing association in Oldham.
Two police cars were damaged amid clashes between supporters of the far right activist and counter-demonstrators.
Integration has been a positive story in Britain, but one that is all too rarely told.
What I saw growing up in Oldham was communities muddling along together, not glowering on street corners – but for Farage's ilk, that is apparently incomprehensible
"Oldham is not defined by Farage, or anyone else looking to stoke up tensions and create division."
Outside of Westminster, people are confused, angry, worried – and just plain tired of it.
Police say enquiries are ongoing after iPads, a hard drive, food and Christmas money were stolen.
She was pulled onto an AstroTurf pitch and assaulted.