Crocodiles' Dramatic Fight To Each Eat Other Captured In Amazing Photos

A photographer has captured dramatic scenes of two crocodiles trying to eat each other during a violent battle in tropical North Queensland, Australia.

But despite the quest for victory between the two saltwater reptiles, it appeared to have been a very one-sided fight.

The crocodile leaps into the air and snaps at the other reptile

It then devours it, dragging it under the water

Before emerging again, victorious

Sandra Bell took the spectacular photos in Cape York Peninsula and sent them to Queensland National Park. She said that the incident happened just a couple of hundred metres from a crocodile warning sign - a good reminder to remember for the public to be careful.

Crocodile specialist Adam Britton told an Australian news source that cannibalism can be quite common during the wet season, which runs from the start of September through until March.

"Saltwater crocs can definitely be cannibalistic, particularly this time of year at the start of the wet season,

"You are getting an increase in temperature, getting more rainfall and that is triggering the crocodile breeding behaviour."

Britton said dominant males often attack other males, to defend and re-establish their territories during mating season.

"If a big dominant male comes across a smaller male then basically he is going to want to get rid of that competitor and driving them out."