Syria Vote: Where Jeremy Corbyn And Tony Benn Stood With Each Other On Isis Airstrikes

The Labour Party has this week been fraught with claims that top-tier divisions over airstrikes in Syria have caused huge rifts between its leader and several high-ranking shadow ministers.

While Jeremy Corbyn and Hilary Benn, the shadow foreign secretary who gave a barnstorming speech on Wednesday, voted differently in last night's ballot on proposals to target ISIL, both addressed similar issues in defence of their differing positions.

The two veteran MPs laid out their arguments, each beginning with searing rebuttals to claims by the Prime Minister that those who planned to vote against the government with "terrorist sympathisers".

They moved on to the effects of British forces joining the coalition of air strikes led by France and the US, before turning to whether RAF jets could be relied upon not to mistakenly bomb and kill Syrian civilians.

Corbyn concluded by emphasising the need for a resolution to the country's civil war, while Benn made a rallying call to backbenchers to "confront this evil" and act to stem ISIL with immediate military intervention.

You can hear both their exchanges across the dispatch box, side-by-side, above.