Fox News Suggests Schoolchildren Should Rush A Gunman In An Active Shooter Situation

Fox News Gives Dreadful Advice To Schoolchildren In An Active Shooter Situation

Fox News has promoted a dubious suggestion for tackling America’s unique gun crisis -- in an active shooter situation, schoolchildren should rush the gunman.

During a 'Fox & Friends' segment broadcast on Wednesday, Elisabeth Hasselbeck introduced a martial arts instructor who teaches children how to disarm an assailant.

This is quite insane...

“In an active shooter situation, five seconds can mean the difference between life and death. But there are some things you can do and your children can do to make a difference,” stated the host.

The instructor is then disarmed by a teen, who not only levers the gun from his hand, but gives him a couple of pretend jabs to the nose and a kick downstairs.

The teen tells Hasselbeck: “Once you engage the gunman, you have to -- you have to just take him out. You have to fight strong. So you’re not actually going to try and get away until you actually make sure that you’ve done some damage to him. Because if you don’t, then he’ll just pursue you.”

So if an adult gunman enters a school, a child should creep up behind him, grab the gun and kick him in the nuts. What could possibly go wrong? Perhaps better would be to heed the advice of the FBI, which recommends children should attempt to run or hide.


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