Andrew Neil Takes Swipe At Heathrow Third Runway Decision Delay In Cutting 'This Week' Jibe

Andrew Neil has used the latest sign-off on his weekly current affairs programme to offer some cutting criticism of Tory ministers, after the government announced it would delay a key decision on airport expansion until Summer 2016.

Neil, who fronts 'This Week', lamented news that David Cameron had broken his vow to rule on the controversial topic by the end of the year, by offering up a stinging rebuttal.

"We leave you tonight with absolutely nothing," he began.

"Zero, zilch, nada, diddly - we’ve just run out of ideas.

"This," Neil quipped, "is the TV equivalent of the government position on a third runway at Heathrow."

Signing off, he added: "Nighty nigh. Don’t let the gutless void bite."

Neil has become famed for his blistering monologues, having been widely-praised for a opening programme segment after last month's Paris attacks.

His scathing rejoinder to Isis militants saw a near two-minute denunciation of the "Islamist scumbags" that killed 132 people in the French capital to “prove the future belongs to them rather than a civilization like France.”

“I can’t say I fancy their chances,” mocked Neil, before listing the cornerstones of French civilization, from Monet to Descartes, Rousseau to Camus, Berlioz to Satie, Daft Punk to Zizou Zidane… “Liberté, égalité, fraternité and crème Brulee.”

“Versus what?” he asked. “Beheadings, crucifixions, amputations, slavery, mass murder, medieval squalor and a death cult barbarity that would shame the Middle Ages.”

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