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We have rounded up the week's best news stories, from the birth of the royal baby to happy cows jumping around in the sun after a long, dark winter.
Neil is a passionate advocate for Holocaust remembrance causes and spoke at the Holocaust Educational Trust Annual Appeal
'I’m not equipped to present Question Time'
Read more on The Huffington Post Addressing the camera, Neil introduced his show by stating: "Let me make clear what I have
Both passionate cases for what is and isn't in the public interest.
LATEST: Court says celebrity threesome injunction can now be lifted Former tabloid editor Neil Wallis has insisted revealing
Andrew Neil has used the latest sign-off on his weekly current affairs programme to offer some cutting criticism of Tory
TV presenter Piers Morgan has led praise for a searing tirade by Andrew Neil against Isis militants that killed 132 in last
Andrew Neil deliver a blistering rejoinder to the Islamic State militants that scarred Western Europe last week, opening