BBC Question Time Audience Member Answers All Those Jeremy Corbyn Syria Critics


An audience member has issued a withering riposte to critics of Jeremy Corbyn's handling of the vote on Syria intervention by pointing out the hypocrisy of a government minister on 'Question Time'.

The woman embarked upon a calm yet no less cutting exchange with Secretary of State for Local Affairs and Government Greg Clark.

She effortless highlighted the fact that Clark's criticism of Corbyn's management of Labour MPs votes on the issue demonstrated astounding hypocrisy.

The woman remained calm, but was no less cutting in her observations

Clark had suggested that the Labour party presents a danger to society under Corbyn's leadership, due in part to his hesitation in adopting policy positions around shoot-to-kill and greater intervention in Syria.

She said: "To what Greg Clark says about the vote for bombing Syria, you know the Labour party had a free vote?

"It was in the press for days about 'will he or will he not he allow them to vote with their hearts on such an important issue'.

"Did your leader offer that? No."

Clark responded: "No because I think on matters of war and peace like that you look to a party to have a view.

Clark is Secretary of State for Local Government

"To have the leader of the party saying one thing and the shadow foreign secretary say something else, that may be consistent with having a free vote, but this is the alternative government.

"What would they do if they were in government?"

The woman wasted no time in responding, drawing waves of applause by saying: "But are supposed to represent the people.

"By having a free vote you could speak with your heart.

"You could speak for the poor souls who are going to die as a result of it.

"But your party didn't offer a free vote and that is so, so wrong."

Watch the exchange, above.

Another audience member had heralded Corbyn's so-called hesitation as part of an intelligent thought process.

The interjection came just before the programme's audience became more vocal in its support of Jeremy Corbyn, which prompted presenter David Dimbleby to ask: "Is this audience entirely supportive of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader?"

A woman's suggestion that those supporting Corbyn amount to "closet communists" drew ire from the majority of those around her.

While others argued that Corbyn ought to have the full support of the entire parliamentary Labour party, despite deep divisions on matters of policy.

This week's 'Question Time' came from Bath with panelists including Daily Mail sketchwriter Quentin Letts, classicist Professor Mary Beard, Labour's Caroline Flint, the Conservative's Greg Clark, and Liberal Democrat Vince Cable.

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