Louboutin Casting Plus Size Model Clementine Desseaux Hailed As A Major Breakthrough For Fashion Inclusivity


A natural beauty in #LouboutinCharme.

Posted by Christian Louboutin on Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christian Louboutin has revealed French plus size model, Clementine Desseaux, as the new face of their lipstick line, in a move that has been hailed as a major breakthrough for inclusivity in the fashion industry.

This is the first time the brand, which was founded in 1992, has featured a plus-size model in an advertising campaign, reports Bustle.

Louboutin shared the video above, showing Desseaux modelling the brand's Rouge Mat Velvet lipstick, with it's 6.2 million Instagram followers and 3 million Facebook fans.

Clementine Desseaux: "Beauty is changing"

"The beauty norm is changing and differences that used to be weaknesses are now turning into strengths," Desseaux told the Daily Mail.

"Being curvy and freckly was never easy back when I was in France. Now beauty is changing and brands are putting girls that are different in the spotlight."

She added that brands are beginning to open up to: "all the beauty that is in the world and not only the European, blond, skinny, white woman type."

Louboutin is best known for it's iconic red-soled footwear, the brand first branched into beauty products in 2014 with a nail polish line, then added a lipstick collection to its portfolio earlier this year.

Elaine Slater, resident psychologist for London Fashion Week and consultant psychologist at The Priory Hospital, said the Louboutin campaign is an important step towards inclusivity in the fashion industry.

“The fashion industry has many issues, with size and body image at the forefront," Slater told HuffPost UK Style.

"The industry is compelled to evolve in order to reflect and represent the diverse types of beauty that exist in present day society.

"There is no one size that represents women; everyone deserves to see themselves being represented equally.

"Campaigns that support inclusivity and promote body positivity are very important and a step in the right direction”

Blogger Katt Cupcake who started the #ThisIsPlus social media campaign applauded Louboutin's choice of model.

"I think Louboutin employing the beauty of Clementine Desseaux for their lipsticks campaign is a huge step for individuality," Cupcake told HuffPost UK Style.

"Not only because of her size (which on the catwalk would be considered plus size) but also her freckles.

"Things that would often be considered weak points in high end fashion are being embraced and unique qualities are losing their stigma.

"One can only hope this acceptance of individuality continues and spreads to the high street and catwalk alike."

BritChick Paris, author of The Ugly Little Girl, also praised the brand for embracing individuality.

"Fashion has become obsessed with thinness and thus poorly represents normal women.‎

"Women come in all shapes and sizes and that is what makes us unique, so it is extremely encouraging that Louboutin has bucked the skinny trend.

"Next step is for brands to focus more on what women have to say, their inner beauty, rather than the external one."

This isn't the first time Louboutin has made headlines for inclusivity, in 2013 they made the "nude" shoe trend more accessible to everyone by creating a range that catered to a variety of skin tones.

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