Sarah Vine's Daily Mail Column Offers A Very Unwelcome Insight Into Michael Gove's Sex Life

Sarah Vine's Latest Mail Column Gives An Unwelcome Insight Into Michael Gove's Sex Life

Sarah Vine's latest column in the Daily Mail, titled 'women love sleep far more than sex', has led many to believe it offers an "embarrassing" insight into Justice Secretary Michael Gove's antics (or lack there of) in the bedroom.

Wednesday's article sees the journalist describe the pleasures of slumber over sexual intimacy.

"There are vast chunks of a woman's life when surrendering to the pillow and duvet is infinitely more enticing a prospect than a night in the arms of even the most accomplished lover," Vine writes.

Sarah Vine's column in the Daily Mail on Wednesday

She added: "I'm sure that's why middle-aged women are such avid consumers of erotic fiction: it's much less exhausting reading about other people doing it than doing it yourself.

"Far better to retire early with a book and dream of swinging from the chandeliers than actually attempt anything similar for real (besides, the Ikea light fittings in my house wouldn't take it)."

Readers were amused that Vine, the wife of a government minister, had written a column about lacklustre sex and how sleep was much more valuable - and often enjoyable - to women.

Some, perhaps cruelly and predictably, said that Vine's position was understandable, given who her other half is:

Many people saw the funny side to what Vine had written in her column:

And others wondered what Gove made of his wife's latest Daily Mail offering:

And one person posted an image that will stay with us all day:

On Monday, Vine upset readers when she criticised the Duchess of Cambridge's appearance while on a shopping trip.

Readers turned on the newspaper after it used unflattering paparazzi photos to suggest Kate Middleton was struggling to cope with the pressures of motherhood.


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