Transgender Rights Have Transformed Thanks To Amazing Brits Like These

These Brits Are Doing Some Amazing Stuff For Transgender People

The transgender rights movement witnessed a huge shift in public attitudes and understanding in 2015, partly due to some high-profile role models in the media.

But things are not easy for people who identify with a different gender from the one they were assigned at birth.

Research from the Trans Mental Health Review, 2012, found that a shocking 84% of trans people have thought about ending their lives at some point.

More than 80% have avoided certain public situations out of fear, while 19% have even been physically attacked for being trans.

But things are beginning to change.

A poll for HuffPost UK has shown that 67% of Brits say they are comfortable sharing public toilet facilities with transgender people and the majority (69%) would support their child if they wanted to change sex.

Part of this is thanks to the increased profile of transgender issues. While high-profile US trans figures, including Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox, have dominated media coverage, Britain also has plenty of individuals doing fantastic things for trans people.

Some have helped by speaking out about their experiences, both positive and negative, while others have offered advice or even set up practical ways to help others like them. They have also done plenty to help people who don't identify as trans to understand related issues, particularly friends and family of people who may identify as trans.

In all walks of life, from entertainment to sport, here are nine of our UK transgender heroes...

Munroe Bergdorf

Transgender Heroes

Useful websites and helplines:

  • The Gender Trust supports anyone affected by gender identity | 01527 894 838
  • Mermaids offers information, support, friendship and shared experiences for young people with gender identity issues | 0208 1234819
  • LGBT Youth Scotland is the largest youth and community-based organisation for LGBT people in Scotland. Text 07786 202 370
  • Gires provides information for trans people, their families and professionals who care for them | 01372 801554
  • Depend provides support, advice and information for anyone who knows, or is related to, a transsexual person in the UK

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