Scarification Is One Of The Most Extreme Tattooing Trends Yet (GRAPHIC)

Scarification Is One Of The Most Extreme Tattooing Trends Yet (GRAPHIC)

WARNING: This article contains graphic images of scarification.

Tattoos may be pretty commonplace these days, but one age-old body modification trend is still shocking people after taking off on social media.

Instead of traditional tattooing, where ink is inserted into the skin, scarification is a process where the top layers of skin are removed in the shape of a particular design to create a detailed scar. Ink can also be rubbed into the wound to create a special scar tattoo.

See the whole process below, and definitely don't try this out at home. With all tattooing procedures, the NHS recommends taking care to avoid infection by finding a reputable, licensed practitioner who uses sterile instruments, then following their aftercare advice.

First the design is cut or branded into the skin.

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Then, the wound is left to heal over.

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Before eventually looking like this.

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The open cut can also be rubbed with ink straight after the procedure...

To create a coloured scar tattoo.

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