Sepp Blatter's Plastered Cheek Sees The Internet Ask Who Wore It Better, Fifa President Or Nelly?

Who Wore It Better - Nelly Or Sepp Blatter?

Sepp Blatter was banned from all football-related activities for eight years on Monday, and the internet reacted in the best way possible.

Blatter and Michel Platini were both banned for eight years by Fifa's ethics committee for abusing their positions after a "disloyal payment" of £1.3 million in Swiss Francs was made to Platini in 2011, which was signed off by Blatter.

As if the news of the outgoing Fifa president's ban wasn't enough, the 79-year-old turned up to the press conference in Zurich with a plaster on his cheek.

Cue comparisons to rapper Nelly.

And calls of 'who wore it better?'

Many were also quick to share the image of Blatter being showered by US dollars - a photo that everyone can thank comedian Lee Nelson for.

And others felt that this video of Blatter falling over summed up his legacy perfectly.

On Monday, the outgoing Fifa president told the conference in Zurich: "Even suspended, I am still the president. I regret, but I am not ashamed."

Blatter insisted that he is still the president of Fifa and continues to deny any wrongdoing.

He said that he will fight for his presidency of the football organisation: "I fight for me and I will fight for Fifa. Suspended for eight years for what?"

His last words on leaving were "I'll be back."


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