Jalals Bomb Scare Prank Provokes Division Across The Internet

No One Can Agree If This 'Bomb Scare Prank' Is Hilarious Or Just Plain Racist

A 'bomb scare' prank featuring a man dressed in Arab clothing dropping a rucksack in various locations, is dividing the internet as people can't decide whether to laugh or be offended.

A series of videos posted by Australian YouTube entertainers Jalal Bros, known as Jalals, show the prank unfold in several locations including a convenience store, highway, basketball court, and someone's doorstep.

As one of the trio approaches dressed in a traditional Emirati tawb with keffiyeh, or headscalf, they toss the rucksack towards those they're pranking, before quickly running in the opposite direction.

A bag is thrown towards someone playing basketball

Reaction has been divided between those who think the prank is hilarious, and those who believe it perpetuates harmful stereotypes about Muslims and those of Arab descent.

Many people were quick to point problems perpetuated by the prank.

Yet others thought the prank was hilarious.


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