Muslims Helping With UK Flood Response But Britain First And EDL Nowhere To Be Seen

Putting Britain First.

Or so you'd think. But these pictures appear to paint a very different picture.

Groups such as the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) have been active in areas affected by the flooding in Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria.

Groups that purport to be looking out for the interests of the British people have not.

Britain First's latest social media posts on the flooding have bemoaned David Cameron...

"Global warming" is to blame? What a load of RUBBISH!

Posted by Britain First on Monday, December 28, 2015

While the EDL has been countering the threat from radical Islam with posts like this...

Here Are The Most Lovely 15 Butt Crack We've Found Across The Internet.

Posted by (EDL) English Defence League on Monday, December 28, 2015

The AMYA's Farooq Aftab said: "The youth have emphasised the importance of unity within communities in testing times such as these. Moreover they have felt that the importance of such works is promoted in Islamic teachings such as 'Charity is a part of one's faith' and by the fact that the Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (pubs) was referred to as 'Mercy for Mankind'.

"As Muslims Islam teaches us to serve humanity irrespective of faith, colour, race or no faith. Serving our own local community is at the forefront of our minds. This is what true Islam is about."

With more rain forecast for the middle of the week there may be worse to come and the Environment Agency (EA) has more than 25 severe flood warnings in place - meaning there is still a danger to life.

The Press Association reported that the worst-hit areas will have some respite from rain today but the crisis looks set to continue as more bad weather sweeps in.

Rain will batter the north of England on Wednesday with up to three inches (80mm) falling on high ground and potentially in excess of 4.7ins (120mm) in exposed locations - with most places seeing up to 1.5ins (40mm).

Some 500 military troops have been mobilised to aid emergency services, with another 1,000 on standby should the situation worsen.

The Met Office has issued yellow warnings for rain on Wednesday in North West England, North East England, Yorkshire and Humber, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Amber warnings for rain are in place for parts of Scotland on Wednesday too.

Military personnel were mobilised on Sunday to help people in Yorkshire and Lancashire as they battled to keep rising flood waters from the doors of their homes and businesses.

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