Partially-Sighted Man Adopts Puppy With One Eye, They Become The Best Of Friends

A partially-sighted man has found a new pal in the form of this incredibly tiny puppy who has one eye.

And it's the most glorious thing. Ever.

The photograph of the pair was uploaded to Reddit by user 'kt2133', who explained that her brother lost his sight when he was a child.

He had been gardening when a small piece of metal flew into his eye.

According to his sister, he didn't realise that the metal was in his eye at the time and went swimming in a pond. Soon, his eye had become seriously infected and he lost his sight.

Decades after the accident, the man has purchased a tiny puppy who also lost the vision in his left eye.

The dog, who is called Shiner, was the last in his litter and nobody wanted him - even when the price was discounted.

But for kt2133's brother, he was even more perfect. N'aww.

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