Ikea: Mother's 'Horror' As She Finds Stanley Knife In Tin Of Christmas Biscuits

Mother's 'Horror' As She Finds Stanley Knife Inside Ikea Biscuits

A West Midlands mother-of-two has told of her shock after discovering a Stanley knife inside a box of Christmas biscuits from Ikea.

Bisi Okafor purchased the 500g tin of Peppakaka ginger thins from the Valley Retail Park outlet on November 8 to enjoy over the Christmas period.

Okafosr said she was "horrified" when her partner made the discovery weeks later on December 21, fearing what could have happened if her daughters, aged five and seven, had made the find unsupervised, "as they would have opened it up".

Bisi Okafor was "horrified" after finding a Stanley knife in a tin of Ikea biscuits

The Shirley resident said she contacted Ikea to give them an "opportunity to redeem" themselves, but was left unsatisfied with their response. She said they did not register the "severity of the matter".

Okafosr said Ikea initially offered her £50 compensation and claims they told her that her discovery was an "isolated incident", and that the knife had been recorded as missing straight away.

The Stanley knife was found inside a tin of Peppakaka biscuits

She declined the offer and the compensation offer was then doubled last Friday, which she also turned down.

Okafosr said she wanted a letter of apology and a better explanation of how a Stanley knife came to be discarded in a food item, and a "lot more" in the way of compensation.

In a statement an IKEA spokesperson said: “Food safety is our number one priority for our restaurant, Bistro and Swedish Food Market products.

"We take this incident very seriously and investigated this matter with our supplier when it was reported to us. The supplier was able to isolate the incident and has updated routines to prevent such an incident from happening again. We have been in direct contact with Ms Okafor to apologise and offer a goodwill gesture.”


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