Commons People Politics Podcast: Vive Le Croissant Munchers

Commons People Politics Podcast: Vive Le Croissant Munchers

This week The Huffington Post UK politics team chat about Jeremy Corbyn idea of having nuclear submarines without nuclear missiles, the revelation that Labour lost the election quite badly because voters weren't that keen and the fight by MPs to stop the government from banning poppers. Also croissants.

And there is, as usual, a terrible quiz with a name that does not really make sense.

The Labour leader's Andrew Marr interview on Sunday is the gift that keeps on giving for the Conservatives - and David Cameron deployed some of Corbyn's quotes, including his opposition to Trident, during prime minister's questions. Quotes the Tories are likely to keep gleefully bringing up over the next five years.

This week also saw the publication of Margaret Beckett's post-mortem of Labour's election defeat. Among her conclusions were that voters did not trust the party on the economy and thought Ed Miliband was not really up to being prime minister.

And senior Tory MP Crispin Blunt used a Commons debate to reveal he takes poppers. Despite his pleas, the government still decided to ban the drug.

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