This Kid's Flawless Guitar Hero Performance Is Something To Behold

This Kid's Hilarious Guitar Hero Video Sums Up YouTube's Copyright Nightmare

A kid has perfectly summed up the copyright problems surrounding YouTube after uploading his own unique version of 'Bark At The Moon' played on Guitar Hero.

His video was cruelly taken down after being reported for copyright infringement, so to combat this, he decided to re-upload it with a very unique twist.

YouTube has a copyright problem, that much is apparent. Whether they're video games, films or music videos Google's video platform is constantly fighting a delicate balance between what's considered as well-intentioned or just simply stealing someone's intellectual property.

Guitar Hero for example is a really difficult one. On the one hand you have a video game that is at its core shareable to wider audiences - Guitar Hero gamers love to upload their skills on some of the games' eye-wateringly hard songs.

On the other hand these songs are actually owned by record labels, which historically hate having unofficial videos of their music up on YouTube.

For now there's no real easy fix, so video games with copyrighted material are still being taken down.


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