Host Alex Jones on Monday signed his companies' settlement agreement with Pepe's creator, Matt Furie.
European Union lawmakers have passed an amendment to their existing set of copyright rules. Article 13 will put the responsibility on platforms, like YouTube, to filter out copyright-infringing content. Activists and tech giants who oppose the overhaul say it will lead to over-blocking of content, but supporters say it will help artists be properly compensated for the use of their work.
The company soon said it would withdraw a lawsuit claiming Jason ‚ÄúRevok‚ÄĚ Williams couldn‚Äôt assert a copyright on his mural.
What's in a smell? Well according to Play-Doh rather a lot. This month US toy giant Hasbro filed a trademark application
The issue of copying has opened up the space for discussion around protections for the design industry, but what seems to be less discussed is how different forms of creativity arising out of the fashion system, can attract legal protection, such as the format of a ready to wear fashion show.
A number of Facebook pages belonging to far-right groups, including Britain First, are being investigated for possible copyright
Have you got Iceland (the frozen food supermarket) confused with Iceland (the country) before? Granted it's not an everyday issue for most of us, but there are occasions when some conversational confusion may take place.
Copyright is what underpins the UK's creative industry and the future career opportunities available to young British talent, so bringing this understanding into the classroom is imperative.