26/01/2016 06:48 GMT | Updated 26/01/2016 09:59 GMT

EU Referendum Debate Turns Hairy: 'Vote Leave' Chief Mocked By Scots After 'Sex Slang' Mix Up

A prominent 'Brexit' campaigner has been mocked by Scots who confused his attack on rival pro-EU activists with a slang word used to refer to a woman's genitals.

Jon Moynihan, a board member of 'Vote Leave', accused 'In' activists of clutching at straws by neglecting to make a positive case for Britain remaining in the 28-nations block.

Instead, he argued on Tuesday's 'Today' programme, they were "trying to create FUD — fear, uncertainty and doubt".

But the term confused many, with social media users north of the border forced to clue Moynihan up on its use as a slang word meaning "vagina".

Source: Urban Dictionary

Twitter users were forced to step in, first to clarify that Moynihan's line of attack may not have its intended impact among Scottish voters, then to mock his choice of word.