27/01/2016 05:10 GMT | Updated 27/01/2016 05:59 GMT

BNP Re-Registers As Political Party - With Pledge To Fight 'Unstainable Housing'

Anna Gowthorpe/PA Archive
Leader of the BNP Nick Griffin after losing his seat during the European Parliamentary elections count at Manchester Town Hall, Manchester.

The British National Party has re-registered itself as a political party, but managed to fluff its application with a glaring spelling error.

The far-right group earlier this month admitted there had been "a small clerical error from a party that is supposed to be dead in the water" that meant it was removed from the Electoral Commission's register of political parties in Britain.

BNP staff re-applied in time to be able to field candidates in May's local and London mayoral elections, their proposal replacing references to deposed Nick Griffin with ones to new leader Adam Walker.

But they also announced a fairly curious policy.

Walker shakes hands with ex-leader Nick Griffin

Among the list of their 'proposed descriptions' - "at the heart of our community", "British jobs for British workers" and so forth - was a pledge to fight unstainable housing. "Because We Care".

"Unstainable Housing."

You can see the lexical lapse at point five.

No-one from the BNP was available to comment on why un-blemished properties irked them so much, but we're fairly sure they'll be putting in an amended application rather hastily.