Donald Trump Pelted With Tomatoes At Campaign Rally In Iowa

Protestor Throws Tomatoes At Donald Trump

A protester has been arrested after throwing tomatoes at Donald Trump when the politician called Democrat Bernie Sanders a socialist.

Andrew Joseph Alemao, 28, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after he threw the fruit during a rally in Iowa.

Video captured the scenes as he made a spectacular miss and pictures show the remains of the squashed tomato.

One reporter tweeted a mug-shot of the tomato-thrower:

Protesters have become a regular fixture at Trump events, disrupting packed arenas and auditoriums with chants decrying his anti-Muslim rhetoric.

The anti-Trump group in Iowa were wearing t-shirts that read: 'Heil Trumpler!' and lead chants, screaming "get him out of here".

Trump told the crowd: "I like protesters... whenever there's a protester they turn like a pretzel".

Donald Trump Protest


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